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50 Most Important General Knowledge Questions in Competitive Exams

 50 Most Important General Knowledge Questions in Competitive Exams
1.The growth rate of which of the following sectors has very low employment elasticity ?
(a) Mixed farming (b) Manufacturing
(c) Construction (d) Financial services

 2. Which of the following states ranks first in terms of the maximum number of agro-based industries ?
(a) Gujarat (b) Punjab
(c) West Bengal (d) Kerala
 Answer (b)

 3.Which of the following agricultural holdings have the largest percentage in India ?
(a) Large holdings (b) Small holdings
(c) Medium holdings (d) Marginal holdings
 Answer (d)

  4.Which of the following is not associated with socialism-
(a) Communism (b) Fascism
(c) Fabianism (d) Syndicalism
 Answer (b)
5. A loan bearing low rate of interest is known as-
(a) Hard loan (b) Soft loan
(c) Capital loan (d) Real loan
 Answer (b)
   6. The wind system in the equatorial areas is known as-
(a) Westerlies (b) Trades
(c) Doldrums (d) Monsoon
Answer (b)

 7. Warm dry winds blowing down the east slopes of Rockies are known as-
(a) Mistral (b) Norwester
(c) Foehn (d) Chinook
Answer (d)

 8. Clouds with vertical development are known as-
(a) Cirrus (b) Cumulonimbus
(c) Stratus (d) Cirrocumulus
Answer  (d)

 9.Sedimentry rocks are formed by the process of-
(a) Metamorphism (b) Deposition
(c) Weathering (d) Solidification
Answer (b)

10. Which of the following rocks is a metamorphic equivalent of sand stone ?
(a) Marble (b) Quartzite
(c) Gneiss (d) Granite
Answer (b)

11.Which of the following is a feature formed by rivers-
(a) Cirque (b) Inselberg
(c) Meander (d) Moraine
Answer  (c)
12. Moon shaped sand-dunes, formed by wind action are called-
(a) Cirque (b) Bajada
(c) Barkhans (d) Mesa
Answer (c)
13. Diego Garcia is in-
(a) Pacific Ocean (b) Arabian Sea
(c) Indian Ocean (d) Red Sea
Answer  (c)

14. Which of the following is not a part of the green revolution strategy ?
(a) Irrigation (b) Fertilizer
(c) Highly yielding varieties of seeds (d) Crop insurance
Answer (d)

 15. Which of the following major "seaports handles the largest volume of our foreign trade
(a) Kolkata (b) Murmugao
(c) Vishakhapatnam (d) Mumbai ;
Answer (d)
16. Who is called the Flying Sikh of India ?
(a) Mohinder Singh (b) Ajit Pal Singh
(c) Joginder Singh (d) Milkha Singh
Answer (d)

17. Nobel Prizes are distributed annually at-
(a) Manila (b) Stockholm
(c) Geneva (d) New York
Answer  (b)

 18. Oscar awards are associated with-
(a) Literature (b) Science
(c) Sports (d) Films
Answer (d)

 19.Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is located at-
(a) Delhi (b) Shimla
(c) Kulu (d) Dehra Dun
Answer (a)

20. The first satellite to be sent into space was-
(a) Pioneer (b) Luna-I
(c) Sputnik (d) Apollo-H
Answer  (c)

 21. Sangeet Natak Academy was set lip by the government of India in-
(a) 1952 (b) 1953
(c) 1955 (d) 1957
Answer (b)
22. In which of the following countries tricameral legislature is present ?
(a) U.K. ' (b) U. S. A.
(c) India (d) None of these
Answer (d)

23. Lala Lajpat Rai is the author of the book-
(a) India Divided (b) Hind Swaraj
(c) Unhappy India (d) Mother India
Answer (c)

24. The book 'To live and not to live' was written by-
(a) Alexander Dumas (b) Nirad C. Choudhary
(c) V. S. Naipaul (d) George Eliot
Answer (b)

25. The book 'A wounded civilisation' was written by-
(a) Leo Tolstoy (b) Lewis Caroll
(c) Ben Johnson (d) V. S. Naipaul
Answer (d)

26.The chief ingredient of the mosquito repellent cream is derived from-
(a) Lemon (b) Tulsi
(c) Neem (d) Rice Bran
Answer (c)

 27.Which of the following is not obtained from the bark of a tree ?
(a) Cinnamon (b) Quinine
(c) Bhang (d) Tannin
Answer (c)

28. White coal is-
(a) uranium (b) ice
(c) hydro electricity (d) diamond
Answer  (c)

29. The immediate ancestor of modern man is-
(a) Java man (b) Cro-magnon man
(c) Peking man (d) Neanderthal man
Answers (b)

30. The crop most susceptible to frost is-
(a) wheat (b) cotton
(c) red gram (d) black gram
Answer  (a)

31. The source of immediate energy for cellular activity is-
(a) FAD (b) RNA (IFS '90)
(c) NAD (d) ATP
Answer (d)

32. Which of the following chemicals is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer in the atmosphere ?
(a) Chlorofluqro carbons (b) Nitrous oxide
(c) Sulphur dioxide (d) Carbon dioxide
Answer (a)

33. Which of the following is an insectivorous plant ?
(a) Hydrilla (b) Nepenthes (MBA '90)
(c) Marsilea (d) None of these
Answer (b)

34. All the following are constituents of chlorophyll, except-
(a) carbon (b) hydrogen
(c) calcium (d) magnesium

35. A substance which changes readily into vapour without heating is called-
(a) efflorescent (b) synthetic
(c) volatile (d) effervescent
Answer (c)

36. During the Mughal period, under the Zabti System, land revenue was assessed and was required to be paid-
(a) in cash or kind (b) only in cash
(c) only in kind (d) by the zamindar on behalf of the peasants
 Answer (a)

37. The crux of early Buddhism was-
(a) renunciation of desire (b) rigorous penance
(c) behalf in fatalism (d) idol worship
 Answer (a)

38. Palaeolithic remains have been discovered in-
(a) Gujarat (b) Kolkata
(c) Punjab (d) Belary
 Answer (d)

39. Which of the following is an Upanishad ?
(a) Aitreya (b) Vijasena
(c) Chandogya (d) Krishna Karnamruta
Answer. (a)

40. Ajanta paintings depict scenes from the-
(a) Ramayana (b) Mahabnarata
(c) Jatakas (d) Upanishads
Answer (c)

.41. East India Company was promoted by the merchants of-
(a) Manchester (b) London
(c) Liverpool (d) Amsterdam
Answer (b)   

42.Paramdham Ashram was established by whom among the following ?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Acharya Kriplani (c) Acharya Vinoba Bhave (d) None of these
 Answer (c)

43.. The source of India's sovereignty lies in the-
(a) President (b) Prime Minister
(c) People of India (d) Preamble to the constitution
Answer (d)

44.. Which of the following is not a part of the Preamble to the Indian constitution
(a) Secularism (b, Socialism
(c) Democratic Republic (d) Federalism
 Answer (d)

 45. A bill referred to a joint sitting of the two houses of the Parliament is to be passed by-
(a) a simple majority (b) 2/3rd majority
(c) the majority (d) absolute majority of total membership
Answer  (a)

46. The charge of impeachment against the President of India for his removal can be preferred by-
(a) Rajya Sabha (b) Lok Sabha
(c) Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya Sabha (d) Both Houses of Parliam
 Answer (d)

 47. Under whose advice the President of India declares emergency under Article 32
(a) Council of Ministers (b) Cabi
(c) Chief Ministers of all states (d) Prime Minister
 Answer (b)
48. The President rule of a state can be continued for a maximum period of-
(a) 2V2 years (b) 2 years
(c) 1 year (d) 6 months
 Answer (d)

49. Who among the following is authorised to declare elections of the Lok Sabha ?
(a) President (b) Prime Minister
(c) Union Cabinet (d) Election Commissioner
 Answer (a)
  50.  Which is the highest court of appeal in India ?
(a) High Court (b) Privy Court
(c) Supreme Court (d) President
 Answer (c)

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