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1. The creator of Sherlock Holmes' was-
(a) Shakespeare (b) Dr. Watson
(c) Ian Fleming (d) Arthur Conan Doyle
Answer : (d)

2. Which of the following is not written by Munshi Premchand ?
(a) Gaban (b) Godan
(c) Mansarovar (d) Guide
Answer : (c)  

3. The Parliament of Afghanistan is-
(a) Senate (b) Majlis
(c) Shora (d) National Assembly
Answer : (c)

4. Amnesty International has its headquarters at-
(a) New York (b) London (NDA
(c) Washington (d) Berlin
Answer :(b)  

5. The first Secretary General of UNO was-
(a) U. Thant (b) Trygve Lie
(c) Kurtt Waldheim (d) Dag Hamarskjoeld
Answer :(b)

6. The first multipurpose project of India is-
(a) Damodar Valley Project (b) Rihand Project
(c) Bhakra-Nangal Project (d) Hirakund Project
Answer :(a) 

7. The International Rice Research Institute is located in-
(a) Malaysia (b) Thailand
(c) Indonesia (d) Philippines
Answer :(d)

8. The Yellow Stone National Park is in-
(a) U. S. A. (b) France
(c) China (d) Maldives
Answer :(a)

9. World Resources Institute is located at-
(a) Oslo (b) Brussels
(c) New York (d) None of these
Answer : (d)

10. Which of the following cities was known earlier as 'Pearl of the An tiles' ?
(a) Mumbai (b) Cuba
(c) Manila (d) Shanghai
Answer :(b)

11. The famous Sphinx is located at-
(a) Saudi Arabia (b) Egypt
(c) Italy (d) Thailand
Answer : (b)    

12. First Olympic games were held in-
(a) 776 B. C. (b) 798 B. C.
(c) 876 B. C. (d) 898 B. C.
Answer : (a)

13. With which sport the term 'Caddie' is associated ?
(a) Polo (b) Golf
(c) Bridge (d) Billiards
Answer :(b)

14. India first took part of the Olympic Games in the year-
(a) 1920 (b) 1928
(c) 1972 (d) 1974
Answer : (a)

15. R. K. Laxman is a renowned-
(a) Journalist (b) Writer
(c) Cartoonist (d) None of these
Answer : (c)   

16. Which of the following animals was not native to India ?
(a) Elephant (b) Horse
(c) Rhinoceros (d) Tiger
Answer : (b)

17. Which of the following states is highly flood prone as well as drought prone ?
(a) West Bengal (b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Bihar
Answer :(d)

18. Which one of the following is known as the "Manchester of India" ?
(a) Ahmadabad (b) Sholapur
(c) Coimbator (d) Mumbai
Answer : (a)  

19. In which city the telephone instruments manufactured ?
(a) Hyderabad (b) Chennai
(c) Bangalore (d) Patna
Answer :(c)

20. The largest coal producing state in India is-
(a) Jharkhand (b) West Bengal
(c) Bihar (d) Orissa
Answer :(a)  

21. Which of the following rivers flows through a rift valley ?
(a) Cauvery (b) Narmada
(c) Kosi (d) Godavari
Answer : (b) 

22. Which of the following countries is the largest producer of coal ?
(a) Russia (b) China
(c) S. Africa (d) India
Answer : (a)

23. The average elevation of Tibetan Plateau above sea level is-
(a) 2 Km (b) 3 Km
(c) 4 Km (d) 5 Km
 Answer : (c)

24. The equator passes through which of the following continents ?
(a) Africa (b) Australia
(c) Europe (d) North America
Answer : (a)

25. The smallest country in the south America is-
(a) Uruguay (b) Guiana
(c) Surinam (d) Equador
Answer : (c) 

26. The strait which separates Africa from Europe is-
(a) Hook strait (b) Strait of Gibralter
(c) Palk strait (d) Bering strait
Answer : (b)

27. Days and Nights are equal throughout the globe when the sun is above-
(a) Poles (b) Tropic of cancer
(c) Equator (d) Tropic of Capricorn
Answer : (c)

28. In which of the following industries is the maximum number of women employed in India ?
(a) Textiles (b) Jute
(c) Tea (d) Coal
Answer : (c)

29. Seasonal unemployment refers to-
(a) Banks (b) Agriculture
(c) Public Sector (d) Private Sector
Answer :(b)   

30. Bank rate policy is a component of-
(a) Trade Policy (b) Fiscal Policy
(c) Monetary Policy (d) None of these
Answer :(b) 

31. The goals of monetary policy do not include-
(a) price stability (b) maximum tax revenue
(c) full employment (d) maximum output
Answer :(b)

32. In a short run a producer contains his production as long as he covers-
(a) variable cost (b) fixed cost
(c) average cost (d) marginal cost
Answer : (b) 

33. The profounder of the 'Law of market' is-
(a) J. B. Say (b) A. C. Pigou
(c) T. R. Malthus (d) Ricardo
Answer : (a)

34. Which is at the apex of the three tier system of Panchayati Raj system ?
(a) Gram Sabha (b) Gram Panchayat
(c) Zila Parishad (d) Panchayat Samiti
Answer : (c)

35. Which one of the following was an associated state of India before becoming a full fledged state ?
(a) Meghalaya (b) Mizoram
(c) Sikkim (d) Manipur
Answer : (c)  

36. A common High Court for two or more states and /or union Territory may be established by-
(a) President (b) Parliament by law
(c) Governor of the state (d) Chief Justice of India
Answer :(b)

37. Railway is a subject on the-
(a) concurrent list (b) union list
(c) state list (d) residual list
Answer :(b)

38. The President of India can be removed from his office by the-
(a) Prime Minister (b) Lok Sabha
(c) Chief Justice of India (d) Parliament
Answer :(d)

39. The Chairman and members of state Public Service Commission are appointed by the-
(a) President (b) Prime Minister
(c) Governor (d) Chairman
Answer :(c)   

40. How many times the President of India can seek re-election to his post ?
(a) Once (b) 2 times
(c) 3 times (d) Any number of times
Answer :(d) 

41. The Ilbert Bill controversy during Lord Lytton's time related to the concepts of-
(a) Judicial equality (b) political representation
(c) economic justice (d) revenue allocation
Answer : (a)

42 Minto-Morley Reforms aimed at-
(a) Grant of Dominion status to Indians (b) Separate electrorates for the Muslims
(c) Special powers to the government to deal with anti-government elements
(d) Full development of education
Answer :(b)

43. Who amongst the following was involved in the Alipur Bomb case ?
(a) S. N. Banerjee (b) Bipin Chandra Pal
(c) Jatin Das (d) Aurobindo Ghosh
Answer : (c)  

44. Which of the following was the oldest Dravidian Language ?
(a) Kannada (b) Tamil
(c) Telugu (d) Malyalam
Answer :(a)  

45. The Invasion of Huns first took place during the reign of-
(a) Mauryas (b) Nandas
(c) Kushanas (d) Guptas
Answer : (d)

46. The first to invade India out of the following were-
(a) Afghans (b) Turks
(c) Mongols . (d) Arabs
Answer :(d)

47. Which of the following gases is used for refrigeration ?
(a) Chlorine (b) Sulphur dioxide
(c) Phosphine (d) Ammonia
Answer :(d)  

48. Aspirin is the common name of-
(a) salicylic acid (b) salicylate
(c) methyl salicylate (d) acetyl salicylic acid
Answer :(d)

49. Sun's heat reaches earth by which of the following of transmission ?
(a) conduction (b) convection
(c) radiation (d) heat exchange
Answer : (c)

50. Ion-exchange is a process of-
(a) fermentation (b) metal extraction
(c) water softening (d) heavy water production
  Answer : (c)  

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